Cosmopolis: A city inhabited by people from many different countries.

Toronto is argueably the most cosmopolitan city in the world. While statistics help to quantify Toronto’s diversity (more than half of the cities inhabitants were born outside of Canada), I wanted to tell the stories of the people who make up these statistics. 

COSMOPOLIS TORONTO is the culmination of a yearlong journey to photograph 195 Torontonians; one born in every single country in the world.


This series features a portrait of each Torontonian in a location where they feel the most at home, and a second photograph of the participant holding something that connects them to their past.

This project was presented at TEDxToronto, a United Nations forum in Azerbaijan, featured in a film by the National Film Board of Canada. It has also been featured widely in the media such as The Globe & Mail, CBC's The National, The Wall Street Journal, and National Geographic. 




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