A mistake in the development of modern cities has been the notion, inspired by short-term traditional economic thought, that all urban space must be productive. This common line of thought leads to a denial of the true holistic value of green spaces. After all, what would New York or London be without Central or Hyde Park?

After moving to London, I noticed how much the city and its citizens value green spaces. After a long, cold, and gloomy winter, Londoners flock to parks – and start to bloom with colour like the very flowers that surround them. This observation inspired me to pursue a portrait project depicting the city’s residents while they enjoy themselves outdoors – eating, resting, playing, and laughing. Taken from above, these intimate photographs of The Picnic (2013) provide the viewer with an unusual perspective into peoples’ lives.

[published in "A Spectrum of Picknicking" in Bettery Magazine, 2013] 

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